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( Game Mod ) Mobile Legends 5vs5 bang Bang v1.2.64.2661 Mod Android, see mini map

This type of game plays very smoothly on iphone and ipad as well as ios and even midrange android phones can play smoothly because of its compatibility
Enjoy the excitement of experiencing Moba right on your mobile phone in the most jolly way, you are so familiar with the game Alliance for the Legend of mobile can not ignore the line of fighting Mobile Legends: bang bang latest version is completely in English as impressive as the experience on the PC, in this version will have more new skin added to combine many new generals to choose him. Choose to be in the optimal battle.

We can now team up with friends to team up with each other in 5-to-5 match against other players around the world and deploy top-flight skills such as Alliance on the PC, is metabolically subdivided for mobile and for the feeling of play or not. Mobile Legends is a masterpiece of the new eSports mobile game that brings together the most ingenious team spirit to come up with the right solutions for you in battle to win, With animated graphics, attractive sound, Mobile Legends game has been completely translated into Vietnamese so you will quickly understand how to play as well as upgrade the hero or buy new characters is just a story. small.

With Lopte's guide, you will find something very attractive and very likely to win in the game, and watch the video tutorial to understand better

How to play the full ability of unbeaten when one hit on the most popular Moba game for android phone and iphone or the latest ipad 2018, the game is a lot of people download the phone to play, but There are still too many holes for us to mod it quickly and quickly.

Version information
- version V1.2.64.2661
- Moba genre

Mod feature
- see mini map

- delete this game on the machine if available
- download the mod file below for installation
- the game to enjoy

Download apk mod
Have a good time

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