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( Game Mod ) COVER FIRE v1.10.5 mod Android

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Version information:

- version v1.10.5

- shooting genre

Mod feature:

- All currency + vip + ammo

Installation Instructions:

b1. Delete this game on the machine if available

b2. Download the game to the machine, then open the file manager to com.generagames.resistance directory under the android / obb path.

b3. Rename the com.generagames.resistance directory to com.generagames.resistance99. Then go back and delete the game

b4. Go back and rename the com.generagames.resistance99 directory to com.generagames.resistance

b5. Download the apk mod file below for installation

Enjoy the game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

This fire cover Android is designed on beautiful graphics and many different areas in the world. To play this game the first task is to buy and collect as many cards to buy and raise. Everything like guns, bullets, shields, speed reload ...
In addition to destroying enemies, you must play fast and shoot accurately so that you can pass through the screen. In the game, set a specific time and number, then call it the completion of the task.

- Helps you play faster and easier than the following Lopte will guide you on how to play the following
First, when you install the game you need to buy a lot of cards: note that buy Epic barrel because it is a container of many important and valuable cards.
+ After buying the card finished out and upgrade your entire character as I said above
-To cover fire you first visit the gamelopte.com then follow the instructions and download the game and install. this version also do not need root machine nhe.huc you play happily.
Have a good time

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