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( Game Mod ) Helix Jump 1.0.6 mod android

Please follow the instructions, download and enjoy Helix Jump mod for android.

In terms of gameplay, the game is really addictive for gamers, because of the simple gameplay that is not easy. In the game, the player must move the ball through the maze, only a little mischief can game over. That makes gamers excited to build a new record, the more excited play.

With the Helix Jump mod for android, lopte will completely remove the ad from the game for everyone to experience the game perfectly without having to bother with unrelated ads. Even mods do not lose the fairness in Helix Jump.

In terms of graphics, the game carries on with its impressive 3D graphics, but the space is very open, suitable for memory restriction machines.

Helix Jump is a brand new product from Voodoo. Long before I was reviewing you a game of Voodoo - publisher famous for the simple addictive game that is not like any other game. At any time, Voodoo's products still receive a special interest from the gaming community. Currently, the game is currently available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are looking for a special game then maybe Helix Jump is the answer for you.

Helix Jump mod full download on Android.

Helix Jump is a game that attracts hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. Games can be played on most mobile devices. Helix Jump is one of the most popular games ever released less than 6 weeks ago.

General information:

- Version: 1.0.6;

- Category: One Tap

Type Hack:

- Remove ads

Installation Instructions:

- Remove the game if available;

- Download mod and install.

Link download: Here
Have a good time

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