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( Game Mod ) Lords Mobile v1.93 Mod Android

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Version information:

- v1.93 version

- tactical category

Mod feature:

- Fast Skill Recovery

Installation Instructions :

b1. Download the official version on Ch Play and login to the game play Google account to 1-3 as shown below (if you are playing this game, skip b1 and follow b2)


b2. Download the apk and data mod below

b3. Copy the file data to the obb directory under the android / obb path

b4. install apk file

It will automatically login to your account and continue playing

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :        Link Download Data :

Download Lords Mobile mod for android, the latest version of mobile game, is a new style of strategy game night to play the best game on mobile when you play a general build camps to practice. One of the strongest battalions in the war is the kingdoms of other players on the net, with new tactical thinking and high-definition graphics. highly appreciated by gamers in the world. When you enter Lords Mobile you need to build your kingdom and recyclables to get as much material as possible to create your troops or dungeons to expedite the expansion of the stronger kingdom. If you have ever played a game like Clash of Clans then it will not be hard to get used to Lords Mobile, in the role playing game. Try to beat the bosses of different stages and get more rewards. You download this game and install the game to explore many interesting as well as show off your brilliant tactics when conquering or defeating opponents. The game is relatively light in size, and supports low-to-high-level android configurations, and with the Lords Mobile mod it will give you better combat and higher chance of victory.

With the rich combination of ingredients to create different soldiers in strength and defense in the game you create more corps, your strength will be better when fighting with opponents. In Lords Mobile you also build your house as well as upgrade defense systems to become stronger so your enemies invade your kingdom will be beaten, the tasks in the game for you. Needs to be more open to new regimes and upgrades to major halls, and to have a strong kingdom, you have to build a whole new one.
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