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( Game Mod ) Mod full Last battleground survival v1.5.4 mod android

No longer waiting to download any experience.

Your task is to run into the safe area, pick up weapons and fight until you are the last.

Last Battleground: Survival for android that lopte the screen will turn you into Sonic Super Speed, when you can run at 3x10 ^ 8 meters per second, terrible horror. Not only that, the Last Battleground: Survival mod this time you also increase the amount of dame 2 times, so the top 1 in the hand 50% already. This particular mod will allow you to enable the hack when you sit down, and disable the hack when you stand up, thus reducing the ability for the enemy to detect.

In general, the gameplay is not much different than PUBG. Game in the game allows a single player with a number of 40, in addition to the mode of two people and four people a team.

Last Battleground Survival mod full for android.

  Speaking of survival games, our true gamers must have at least once heard of PUBG, or more specifically, PUBG Mobile, a hot game from 2017.

A great game in which all players are fighting just for themselves! So, in this game you can only choose the gender and the name of your hero. Also choose the flag of the state for which you are going to fight. The beginning of the fight begins with the fact that all the participants in the battle the aircraft transport to a large island. And here various types of weapons and ammunition are prepared and hidden. Then you are making an incredible jump with a parachute. Once you have reached the earth, your life is on the brink! And you have only a pistol with a limited supply of ammunition and that’s all!

General information:

- Version: 1.5.4

- Category: Survival Game

Mod feature:

- move quickly (when sitting down);

- High damage.

Installation Instructions

- Download apk on install and play.

- Link Load: Here
Have a good time

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