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( Game Mod ) Contra 2018 V1.6.50.5040 Mod Android

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General information:

- Version: V1.6.50.5040;

- Category: Run And Gun.

Mod feature:

- Free download.

Installation Instructions:

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

-Download file data to unzip / Copy File Data to obb folder under android / obb path

- Download the apk for installation

- game play

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :             Link Download Data :

Download ConTra 2018 to your phone now to experience the current version of Contra.
Game introduced Contra 2018 by TenCent
    Today I would like to introduce to you a game developed by Tencent Developer, which is the game ConTra 2018. Need not say much because this game is probably too familiar to you.

The subtle combination of fascinating gameplay, diverse weapon systems with different types of bullets along with quality background music and multiple levels of play with varying challenges are key to success. Brilliant for Contra 2018
Go back to extreme heyday with Contra 2018, unforgettable memories with this game. Tencent has just released a mobile version of Contra 3D, promising to bring more fun for you.

Contra's original plot revolves around the fight against the terrorist forces of the Red Falcon, which intends to link with extraterrestrial forces to destroy the Earth.
In terms of graphics, the Contra 2018 is completely new when it comes to 3D graphics, and the characters are a bit different from previous 2.5D graphics. On the game, the game still play the game Run and Gun. Mission system in the game extremely rich and diverse
Have a good time

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