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( Game Mod ) Animus - Stand Alone v1.2.0 Mod Android

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General information:

- Version: 1.2.0

- Category: ARPG.

Mod feature:

- Mod money.

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK for installation;

- B3. Download and uncompress the "com.tenbirds.animus" folder under Android / Obb;

- B4. Come play.

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :           Link Download Data :

With the Animus Stand Alone mod that Lopte and Loc bring, playing Animus Stand Alone will be much easier. Animus Stand Alone mod gives you loads of money, you will be spoiled for buying things possible. At the same time, Animus Stand Alone mod also allows you to upgrade character several times, so that the strength of the warrior is increased. Destroy all enemies with this Animus Stand Alone mod.Download Animus Stand Alone mod apk and experience offline.
Game Guide Animus Stand Alone version of Android, ARPG game "Hardest game play history of his".

Animus's graphics are designed with extremely beautiful 3D backgrounds and true to detail, giving players the same experience with blockbusters on the PC or Console. From the winds through or to the details of the effects of sunlight on the armor, ... all appear very animated. And sound effects also contribute to the success of the game.
Animus Stand Alone is an aggressive ARPG game for gamers who like to challenge, because the difficulty in the game is the most distressing thing from the first moment of experience.Animus Stand Alone is set in a dark, dark world. In this place, people are confronted with countless evil men, monstrous monsters always take away your life at any time. You will play a wandering warrior and solitary fighters for the task of liberating people from this terrible world.

Like other ARPG-style games, the Animus Stand Alone is designed with a push-button system and virtual joystick on either side of the touch screen. Accordingly, the player controls his character to move, dodge, and fight enemies. The only thing that will not be as simple as the regular hacking game. Players will not be able to match the other games is just crazy press any button can be pressed without thinking what the character lost hit. In Animus Stand Alone, the player needs to pay attention to every single gesture and action of the enemy, then try to dodge or dodge the attack so that your character is not injured, because only one Small enough to make your character pay the price of life.
Game Characteristics*
. Standalone (offline capable)
. Tactical Action(RPG)
. Linear progression
. Tense combat mechanics and boss fights
. Button mashing will get you killed
. New perspective (literal and figurative)
. New bosses and weapons
. Cutscenes
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