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Rules of Survival Newest 2018 , Mod Download

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Version information:

- latest version

- Online survival genre

Mod feature:

- landed to the ground

- Mod fly (fly in the sky)

- go through the wall and go under the water

- red color change character

Installation instructions for non-root machines:

- Aimbot (self-watching)

- No recoil

- Anti Ban

- Skydiving fast

-. No Root

Download the mod file to your phone and follow the video tutorial below

File mod : Here

View Video Guide Not Root:

Installation instructions for the machine is root

- Requires root machine (if you do not know what root is, just ask google)

- Install Gameguardian download application: HERE

File mod: HERE

>> After downloading the mod file and installing Gameguardian application, follow the video below is oke

Video Tutorial:

How to play mod full game Rules of Survival for mobile devices as well as android devices, you can download game mod Rules of Survival the latest version and experience the ability to play games tightly. Good and attractive in this hilarious game.

For those who love the game like survival game like Pubg (BattleGrounds), everyone knows that this game has the most extreme game on mobile and has a very good game, fight more than 100 people flying and parachuting to an island. Kill and kill each other to survive, who will be the last survivor will be the winner of the Top 1 Rules of Survival as well as receive a lot of gold to be able to open the chest to receive more rewards. For his character is cool, game 2018 nso has fallen into one of the most worthy games on the mobile, and its attraction always attracted all players for the best shot as well as always wanted. kill as much as possible. So you always try to mod game Rules of Survival android to be able to play better than the other opponents.

With the rules of the game Rules of Survival full and play easily with the latest version, lopte does not encourage the players to follow the mod will reduce the fairness of the game, but the game. Life is not open as everyone will play hack will be a disadvantage for you, so this guide is for you to know and all the games can be modal and game Rules of Survival is no exception, the Just download the files below and watch the Lopte tutorial video
Have a good time

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