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Version Info:

- Version: v2.1.0

- Genre: Top Game

Mod Feature:

- Money Mod

Installation Instructions :

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

- Download File Apk on Install

- Free Game

Link Download Apk Mod :

Drive your sports drifting car and use a burning tire to draw a special aperture on the track!
As a drift racer, it's time to start drifting!
Choose your car and follow your driving habits to get a higher car drift score! 🏁
Game features:
🔸 Variety of cool drift racing cars:
12 specially adapted drift special racing cars, racing prototypes are all from the mainstream sports car in the market, what are you waiting for, come and choose your favorite car!
🔸 Personalized racing conversion system:
3 conversion systems: driving attributes, appearance attributes, body kits. In the driving attributes, the front and rear wheels can be adjusted for grip, suspension, engine, brake and steering angle.

 Appearance attributes can be customized for wheel size, color, style, and body color. The trim kit and rear wing can be modified in the body kit.
🔸 Exciting background music and perfect smooth quality:
360-degree no dead display of your cool car, smooth drift feel, feel the most realistic driving experience. The roar of the engine brings you absolute enjoyment of excitement and puts you in a bloody competitive arena;
🔸 Multiple gameplay:
Has limited time challenges and free driving 2 game modes. A time-limited challenge requires the completion of a specified number of drift points within a specified period of time. Note that points cannot be obtained without the use of drift. Freewheeling can be unlocked after completing a limited-time challenge.
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