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Mod Guide For Android & IOS Skin, Full Skin & Effects

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Game version information

- latest version

- Moba genre

- for android & IOS

Mod feature

- full free skin

- The whole skin and the hero effects in the treasure box

Installation instructions for android (for ios, you need to jailbreak and install ifile and do the same)

- Download the file below to your phone and follow the video tutorial above is oke

- Link mod version: Mod Skins and multiplayer effects: Here

Video Hướng Dẫn Mod :

Mod Guide for Android and ios latest 2018 will help you to experience the most beautiful skin to equip your character to become the most fun, if you are a fan of the game Moba Lien Quan I can not ignore it because my generals to become the most possible, increase the power as well as make the enemy find you cool than ever, game Mod version v1. 21.1.2 full for android devices, is a game that is extremely popular with mobile gamers and the game has a lot of downloads on the playground as well as it has a personal charm of mobile Moba.

With the latest mod on the skin is pretty free for you and quick instructions on your android device quickly to open free skin and equipment for your generals. Become more sparkling in this game very well.

The android thing thing can easily follow lopte's instructions quickly without requiring root or anything just download the file as can follow the skin mod tutorial. Quick and easy way.
Have a good time

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