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BattleHand Online v1.8.0 Mod Android

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Version information:

- version v1.8.0

- tactical category

Mod feature:

- strength increased

- automatically level up

- infinite raid key

- open acc vip


- delete this game on the machine if available

- download the file below for installation

- enjoy the game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

A great action and tactical card action game on your Android mobile device is BattleHand, while playing this online game will make you think hard when you fight, you are a team and Fight off all kinds of evil and get through many difficult terrains to free the world of peace and destroy them all, turn the game against each other in turn and use the magic cards of your team. You need to upgrade your character to the most powerful card especially when fighting, in addition we also have to calculate a flexible way to compress the enemy's attack. Each side only has certain hit, in the BattleHand mod android this will help the board have n Take advantage of your opponents and go deep into mysterious lands and discover many exciting new additions and learn new spells, the game has a map mode and Arena mode online matches. with other people on the net and see who has stronger magic to top in this game.

The game is relatively light, so support for the android device from low to high play good, it brings a new play that the witch in the game can reach its highest peak with the system. Cards of magic we learn and use them in the most effective way to counter the team's opponents, is a unique and unique card strategy game that will allow you to stretch the brain to. Think of it, not just entertaining with it, but also learn a lot about BattleHand v1.8.0 latest version for android completely free, you can download games and scratches also. Enjoy the best of it, watch the video below to understand how to play it hi fruitful
Have a good time

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