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Last Human Life on Earth v1.2 Mod Android

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General information:

  - Name: Last Human Life on Earth

  - Version: 1.2

  - Category: Survival

Mod feature: Mod money

Installation Instructions:

  - B1. Delete games on the computer if any;

  - B2. Download the APK and install it;

  - B3. Enter play.

Link Apk : https://lopte.pro/UtIWRxn

Last Human Life on Earth is a survival game that is similar to the previous title game Last Day On Earth. However, the game has a new point that has been combined with the PUBG style that is making the current wind.

 The game is set in 2035, when the world must witness a plague that kills humanity and turns the rest into zombies. You are the last survivor in this city and probably the world. But you are not alone when there are mutant victims of plague, walking corpses, lurking in the dark. Your mission is to survive every day to destroy them. Killing them or you will die is the rule of this game.
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