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MU Origin v11.1.0 Mod Android

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Version information:

- version: v11.1.0

- genre: Role-playing game

Mod feature:

- mod menu as shown below

- 2x movement speed

- 5x moving speed

- Move speed 10x

* guide:

- Delete this game on your computer if available

- download the file below to install

Enjoy the game

Link Apk : https://www.loptelink.pro/owbOT

Instructions for fast way for android to full gold money, from speaking, who among us knows MU Origin this is the kind of game that has been present in Vietnam for more than 10 years on PC it rains on the wind Vietnamese game.When you go to the net shop, you will see the player. Someone has lost sleep because it is a long time to hear the news of posting people who died because of playing MU Origin because sometimes the Gamer played a few days without eating anything .
Not only that many people still sell houses to buy and upgrade their army in parallel with that, there are also many people who get rich with it in the integrated game to exchange items with each other so we can buy and sell for gifts ..

Because of its appeal, game developers have not overlooked the lucrative market such as this MU Origin mobile device and mobile device that has followed its success on PC. in the Game retains 4 classes of Soul familiar characters, Dark Knight, Elf and Magic; interface system, items, equipment, such as characters (keep the same as the PC version, with Western mystical beauty); map system from map name to image, width, monster, ... are shaped like MU Online. So you can be assured of the quality of the game
Have a good time

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