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The Pirate Caribbean Hunt v9.1 Mod Android

Tạo Tài Khoản Kiếm Tiền : Tại Đây

Version information:

- version: v9.1

- Category: tactics

Mod feature:

Infinite money, turn off ads, skill points

* guide:

Step 1. Delete this game on the computer if available

Step 2. Download the file below to extract and install

step 3. infinity game and enjoy

Link Apk : https://lopte.pro/Gd6duBk

- 20 classes of ships
- unlimited fleet size
- control several ships in combat
- bombard enemy fortresses with heavy mortars.

- 5 types of ammo - cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot,
- special weapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, battering rams, pre-boarding attacks
- 30 ship upgrades
- character development, rising experience levels
Have a good time

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