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( Game Mod ) Hungry Shark World V3.0.2 Mod Android. Full Coins/gems

With the hungry shark world V3.0.2 will help you have a lot of gem money to be able to buy a lot of horrible, if not hack you just have to crave for this extremely impressive game, you are a child. Sharks are always hungry and need a lot of food in the ocean to survive and need to dodge or fight with bigger fish than you and more danger stalking you, so to satisfy the passion as well as Owning bigger sharks, we need to follow this lopte game for android and do not need to root your machine to play normal offline.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a two-dimensional action game in which you control a shark roaming the coast and driving humans and other marine animals into a panic as you unleash your hungry fury.

You can choose between five different types of sharks, like the great white, the hammerhead, and the tiger shark. And you can even personalize your shark with tons of different items, like wigs and armored vests.

Hungry Shark Evolution has more than forty different levels that will take you diving into the ocean depths, fighting against other marine creatures, and attacking tourist-filled beaches. You can go for the tourists themselves, or try to destroy ships and other vehicles that get in your way.

Each level holds tons of secrets and hidden items waiting for discovery. Find them, and you'll unlock new objects for equipping your shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution is an entertaining action game that doesn't just offer spectacular 3D graphics, but also fun gameplay and solid touchscreen controls on your Android.

With the latest version of the game hungry shark world will bring you a new experience of playing this new shark, with this new version will have impressive graphics with countless fish. It's a lot more fun than the previous one, with the same classic gameplay, but upgraded to a higher level will give you more fun and more maps. And there are many items for you to upgrade as well as support your shark offline.

Version Information
- version V3.0.2
- shark type

Mod feature

- infinite money (the more you buy)

Installation Instructions

- delete this game on the machine if available

- download the file below to extract out 2 files will be data and apk

b1. Copy the file data to the obb directory under the android / obb path

b2. install apk file

Enjoy the game

Download apk mod
Have a good time

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