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( Game Mod ) Clash of tribes 1.1.5 mod android

With Lopte's android version of Clash of Tribes, you can win any enemy that dares to stand in the way. The mod of Clash of Tribes version 1.1.5 is not yet the newest, but you do not need to update. Let's get started on how to build a mighty kingdom.

The game re-imagines the renaissance of a planet after Ice Age. You will transform into a leader to lead your tribe to build a mighty nation. In this context, the collection of resources is extremely important. So, you just have to lead troops to fight off resource hijackers, and you also have to lead troops to take resources from other places.

Clash of Tribes is a fun action game with animated 3D graphics. The sound in the game is extremely lively and cool with the attractive gameplay.

The game has two game modes. One is that you become a resource guard and fight the bandits. The second is that you become a leader and lead your troops to rob resources. In any mode, the game is very attractive.

Download Clash of Tribes mods: Cursed Riders - Road rage on Android devices.

The game is divided into 2 game modes:
Robbery - Attack: Use all the way to defeat the enemy's transported animal.
Defense Defender - Defend: Prevent strong or unexpected attacks from Robbery to keep the animals safe.

There are many different types of characters: from prehistoric people, dragons, rockers, birds ... to various types of magic. Build yourself a strongest team to survive in the wild world

General information:

- Version: 1.1.5

-Type: Action

Mod feature:

- Infinite soldiers

Installation Instructions:

- Remove the original (if any) on the machine;

- Set Apk mod and play.

Link download: Here
Have a good time

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