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( Game Mod ) FREE FIRE v1.25.3 Mod Android

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1. MOD ANDROID (NO ROOT, compatible for all android):

- version v1.25.3

How to install No Roost (1 way: increase armor, increase dodge, reduce shock, shoot fast)

- delete this game on the machine if available

b2. Download the data file to extract and copy to the obb directory under the android / obb path

b3. download apk mod file install

Enjoy the game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :                 Link Download Data :

About Free Fire Game
With an open map system, players are free to navigate, explore the vast island with detailed graphics, shine through shader technology and breakthrough lighting to bring true to life. every detail.

Right now, if interested and interested readers can download Free Fire immediately to experience the fierce battle of survival, where wisdom, skills and analytical mind are the decisive factors to survive; where human survival instinct is pushed to the highest limit. Will you be a hunter or prey in this mortal battle? Let's challenge myself!

[Multiplayer play, flexible]
- With the map system open, players will be free to move, explore the whole island with detailed graphics, sharp
- Weapons system, equipment, means of transport to help players explore and choose the right tactics to survive.
- The area of safety on the island is constantly shrinking, forcing the player to use all his skills, thinking and acumen to hide, search for supplies, hit unexpected enemies with the target to be the last survivor
- Team Mode: Team up with 2-3 teammates and become the ultimate team, defeating all to stay at the top of your life!

The latest full tutorial for both android and ios will bring you the latest in mobile gaming.
Weapons, equipment, and transportation options allow players to explore and choose the right tricks to survive. The area on the island constantly shrinks, forcing the player to use all his skills, thinking and acumen to hide, seek supplies, ambush the unwanted enemies
with the goal of becoming a human. last survived
Have a good time

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