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( Game Mod ) King's Raid V3.5.2 Mod Android

And now we can fight and always win any opponent or boss can be overcome with quick instructions on the android device without Root or anything, power or force Your opponent is clearly reduced so it is almost impossible to hit him, which will support his ability as immortal so that we can attack with King's Raid Mod. full beautiful eyes to kill quickly. Combining tactics and team-action, you should consider changing character appropriately in each battle, exploring many mysterious forest areas carefully guarded and many bosses are waiting. We explored the highest Top friends with the fight, the best Japanese game that many people appreciate the graphics.

▼ The Arena is full of suspense
Join the live PvP game and become the leader!
Using the right timing skill is the key to victory!
Use a variety of skills

With the download of King's Raid V2.105.1 Mod and the latest Android game will bring you the great game this style of Japanese game with the characters are extremely cute cute created with the The special skill moves and the beautiful blows will bring a lot of fun when you experience this new game 2017, you will be a side by side team to overcome the maps against. The danger of the monsters waiting for you, is the online game is relatively large capacity should be compatible with most of the android device from low to high for the feeling of extremely smooth play and the image is always It's best when we play games. The harder it is, the harder it is for you to upgrade your characters to higher levels of combat and defenses. We will collect a lot of items to pacify for character upgrades, each character will have a specific name set in Korean and will open up many other characters for us to use when completed. mission. King's Raid Mod

Version information

- version v3.5.2

- Tactics category online

Mod feature

God Mod (rivals)


Turn off the mod by turning off or unmute the sound / music

Turn Off Music / Sound from Game Settings to Turn MODS Off

Installation Instructions

b1. Delete this game on the machine if available

b2. Download the file below for installation

b3. Play the game until screen 1-9 and then turn on the hack by turning off or opening the game's sound / music

Note: If you play with facebook account then play to screen 1-9 then login to some FB account, and if not logged into the FB, then remove the Fb application to log into the game. then reload the FB app

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Have a good time

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