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( Game Mod ) N.O.V.A Legacy v5.6.0H Mod Android

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NOVA Legacy v5.6.0H full android will bring you the most complete gaming experience possible when we have a lot of gold or anything else that can buy and open super The strongest in this game, what about the khimoiws in the ssax can carry the strongest gun with incredible power when no boss or outsider can stop you, game plot Alluring and fascinating to you, I always wanted to explore more maps deep in the game faster and now freely play freely and go through to the last game and then nhé, face the most monsters In the game save the galaxy from the destruction of the new game NOVA Legacy v5.6.0H
Check out the video below to see its appeal.


N.O.V.A. Legacy gives you the most realistic 3D FPS experience based on the first episode of the epic N.O.V.A. Famous - all packed in a gunshot version.

Kal Wardin, our hero, Marine Corps N.O.V.A. The veteran was summoned to put on his armor to storm the battlefield against Colonial headquarters.

With the help of Yelena, his own Artificial Intelligence Service, Kal is armed with ammunition pistols ready for war with alien invaders to protect the destiny of mankind. , at the same time unveiling the secret behind the surprise attack of the Alien army.

NOVA Legacy v5.6.0H mods for android full version, or anything in the shooter with the latest version, is the famous shooter series of Gameloft has the extreme graphics we can play. Online or Offline the thing with it, the first firing angle for you to experience the good, if you ever played the game Nova 3 with the charm of it because of the excellent storyline top image with the screen or The NOVA Legacy is a new addition to the new lineup, with new, lightweight, multi-tasking, and more customizable Android handsets. Gamers in the world appreciate, with bane this time the game brings us the smoother t Optimizer for mobile is more than special game Vietnamese language should absolutely be more attractive.

Version information

- version v5.6.0H

- shooting genre

Mod feature

- Unlimited Money Mod

* guide

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

- Download File Apk on Install

- Free Game

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