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( Game Mod ) Raft: Original Survival Game v1.49 Mod Android

With the full version Raft original survival game you can easily get the wood, leaves, iron, rubble in floating tanks floating. Use the racks to upgrade the raft to become more sure. Fishing and wave day, creating fresh water, fireplace, oven, water filter, ... is what you have to do. You can also use the money to support the creation of weapons and upgrade rafts more and more sure.

Download mod raft original survival and experience.

Game Raft: Original Survival The game has a 3D interface that allows you to move freely, even jump out of the raft, as long as you do not clash with the sharks. Graphics in the game is a highlight, although not too heavy but the game has beautiful graphics and effects are integrated in a reasonable way, making the game becomes extremely attractive.

In the game, you have to face the shark shark always attached to your small raft, in your hand only a multi-functional iron hook. Just a little negligence is that you can be killed right away with their claws. Now, your job is to collect the remains of the sea after a great storm.

Game Introduction Raft: Original Survival Game version is full of money for android devices.

⚓ Resources hunting
Use a hook and catch necessary resources: wreckage, chests and barrels from the ocean. They will help you to survive!

🔨 Build and upgrade your raft
Expand, develop and protect your raft. If you need more place, build a first floor!

📜 Lot’s of crafting recipes
Fish, cook and collect drinking water. Craft building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other necessary things to survive!

 Raft: Original Survival Game là một game thuộc thể loại sinh tồn như bao game khác. Nhưng đặc biệt ở chổ, thay vì các bạn bị lưu lạc trên một hòn đảo hoan và chiến đấu với thú dữ như các game truyền thống, thì đến với Raft: Original Survival Game bạn lại bị trôi dạt trên đại dương bao la ngày qua ngày trên một chiếc bè cũ nát, chiến đấu và tìm cơ hội sống sót với bầy lũ cá mập hung tợn.

General information:

  - Version: 1.49

- Category: Survival.

Mod feature:

- Mod money.

Installation Instructions:

- Remove the game if available;

- download apk for installation;

- Go to play.

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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