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( Game Mod ) ROBOT WARS ONLINE v0.2.2254 Mod Full Android

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Version information:

version v0.2.2254 

- online genre

Mod feature:



-Infinite Ammo

-Instant Kill

-Rapid Fire

-No Reload

-Max Weapon Range

-Max Accuracy


Installation Instructions:

- Delete this game on your computer if available

-  install apk file

- Enjoy the game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

You will be playing in different modes of play in the game Robot Wars Online. We can choose to play by team or solo as we scan or complete the quest to complete the task and the team that won first will win the game, the game has a complete online game all gamers will. It is divided into two teams to fight, the game runs smoothly and feel no lag, after you download the game to the phone and install easily can be very enjoy offline, please see the information side to avoid errors when installing offline!

A new genre of games not available on Ch Play is the latest version of Robot Wars Online mod for android devices that will give you full functionality, mods and fighting skills. Your favorite fight with the powerful robot with armed weapons on the back and river battlefield, Robot Wars Online games are relatively lightweight, so suitable for many lines from low to The game can be very good for this game, with classic and modern gameplay you need to be nimble in the battle with the online opponents and to win then we need to buy a lot of new robots. and equip them with more powerful super weapons to play this game well.

Two teams fight against each other, team with the most frags at the end of the round wins!
Free for all, several players fight against each other in the battle for the first place!
The team that has retained more points wins! Defend with the allies, do not let the enemy capture your point!
Try to hold out the maximum number of rounds in the fight against battlebots! Training mode!
Have a good time

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