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( Game Mod ) War Robots 4.8.1 Mod Android

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Version Information

- version 4.8.1

- shooting genre

Mod Info:

unlimited bullets

infinite missiles


- delete this game on the machine if available

b1. Download the data file to extract and copy the obb file and directory under the path android / obb

b2. download apk file and install

Enter the game and enjoy

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :        Link Download Data :

Online games with vietnamese version for us to play very easy to understand how to buy robots or upgrades armed with guns higher. Therefore, the battle is always more difficult in each battle, so we need to overcome many things in the game to win more, so Lopte will take you to a completely different play and become. Stronger and more successful in it after the success of your robots will be able to shoot extremely powerful without reloading the ammunition and thus freeing the bullets with the ability to optimize. than.

- 35 fighters with different strengths;
- More than 30 weapons, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. Which weapons will you choose?
- a myriad of possibilities for combining robots and weapons. Create a war machine that fits your game style;
- create their own tribe and lead the tribe to success;
- participate in PvP cheat against enemies from all over the world;
- completed the military service to receive the reward and the title of the Best Handler.

With the gameplay and the way Lopte will put you on the battlefield of the robots with the best combat possible, an action game with impressive impressive graphics in the genre. You will join your teammates in battle as they are divided into two opposing factions to defeat the enemy. When fighting, you need to have a team of friends to eat. Most importantly, it offers better tactics and better support for your teammates in the game war robot 4.4.0 for android. Not only that, but we need to equip our robot to become stronger to be able to fight the best.
Have a good time

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