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( Game Mod ) WarZ: Law of Survival v2.1.3 Mod Android

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General information:

- Version: 2.1.3

- Category: Life.

Mod feature:

- Free Craft;

- Free Shopping;

- Money Mod.

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK for installation;

- B3. Download Data to extract and copy the directory "Com.warz.law.of.survival" under the path Android / Obb;

- B4. Come play.

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :      Link Download Data :

The market will be open 2 times a day. Enter the chat room during those times to communicate with other survivors and exchange information to help your survival. But remember that not all survivors are friendly.

This is a free shooter and strategy game. Preserve your life carefully and thwart off zombies and other threats. The enemy everywhere in the living space, you need to be on alert to confrontation with other survivors and zombies to kill them. Kill them, or be killed.
Killing zombies, fighting against viruses, plundering loot, and getting airdrops are all fun. Hospitals filled with viruses, schools that have been abandoned, and woodlands that are surrounded by fog... There are many scenarios, and the war situation is changing at any time!

Gathering materials to make and upgrade weapons continuously, select the appropriate defensive suit based on the scene, build a place for yourself in the wilderness and protect it from damage
Online with players all over the world. After repairing the signal tower to open the guild, contact other survivors to seek outside help!
The scene is close to real life, the scenery can be cycled in four seasons, the picture quality is high-definition, and the style is exquisite!
Have a good time

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