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( Game Mod ) CompassPointWest V2.2.0.11 Mod Android

Coming to the Compass Point West mod, your troops will be mod dame unlimited. As long as you leave the three soldiers, they will crush the enemy base in the blink of an eye. You will win with the Compass Point West mod that Lopte and Loc bring.
  Download the game and experience the best.

Tutorial download Compass Point West mod for android.

The game has cute graphics and fun. Moving character, physical effects, fire and explosion ... do the same. The environment is designed to be polished.

The game is similar to Clash of Clan. But unlike other tactical titles you train soldiers by purchasing troops from the soldier, in Compass Point: West you will do that by drawing cards. You will use the money collected during the enemy base to build more houses, upgrade the house.

Your help is needed to grow and protect a brand spankin’ new western town on the edge of the frontier. Explore the open frontier as you free other towns from the corrupt outlaws of Orville Driller’s evil oil empire!

Build and run your own Wild West outpost alongside the town Sheriff and recruit trusty sidekicks to protect it. Summon your friends, form a posse and take down cattle thieves in weekly events.

Compass Point West mod is a game set in the Far West. You will be a cowboy when joining the game. You will create a town that brings together people from all walks of life, living together peacefully and preventing the destruction of the cowboys.

General information:

- Version:

- Category: Tactics CoC.

Mod feature:

- Mod Dame (must drop at least 3 soldiers).

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK for installation;

- B4. Come play.

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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