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( Game Mod ) Hoàng Đao Kim Giáp V130 Mod Android

Tactics in the game are also pushed up quite high each general in the game play a role of mutual attribute - mutual support. And of course, the higher the ranking rank of the hero, the better the character is stronger monumental. Each time you upgrade, the character changes shape too.

Hoàng Đao Kim Giáp is a tactical genre that is very familiar to gamers in Vietnam. Thus, the game brings new perfection to the new Three Kingdoms from the interface for boxers, equipment, skills

Because Hoang Gia Kim Giap is a generic role-playing game with a fairly straightforward gameplay, you are introduced to the storyline and gradually unlock new features in the game.

In addition, when participating in the game you will see the difference of Kim Da Giap is not just a squad, over here players can use "one touch" to conduct "combat". ", Fighting with the enemy team. To be more visual, you just need to flip across the entire team to help the generals use consecutive skills.

Character moves are also quite smooth, translation translations with effects are made for the viewer's face. The scene is built in harmony with creative colors, fun scenes in the game. The in-game interface is also designed vertically for gamers to easily navigate the screen.


- Version: 130

- Category: tactics


- Hit always belongs to his team


- Uninstall the original on the machine if available

- Download the apk file on the machine and install

- Open the game and enjoy

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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