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( Game Mod ) Kill Shot Bravo v4.8 Mod Android

You will be directed to a military game. You are setting up deadly ambushes and trap enemies. You try to get rid of them you will kill them before they fall into their trap and ambush. Fully equipped and prepared in a way that will continue until you reach your goal without giving up your fight. You will try to fulfill your mission you’ve hidden for military special forces. If you want to play this exciting game you can start playing immediately following links to download our game. Have fun.Welcome to the #1 FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets!
Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!

This time you will not fight alone! Build strong alliances with other players and help each other to successfully complete high-risk missions. Play and share with Friends!

* Build Alliance with other players to wipe out opponents.
* Friends can join you in the quest, point to the target, and help eliminate opponents.
* Full chat functionality in the game allows for tactical discussion with other players.
* Share your favorite video back with the Kill Shot Bravo community.

Compete against different types of opponents with their own strengths and combat objectives. Search and Destroy, Sniper, Aircraft, Soldier Exo-suit, Heavy Gunner, RPG Opponent, Radiation, Brigade, and

Version information:

- version: v4.8

genre: shooter

Mod feature:

- Infinite Ammo (Increasing) + no Sway

Enjoy the installation guide

- delete this game on the machine if available

- install apk file

- enjoy the game

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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