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( Game Mod ) Ma Dap Thien Quan v3.6.4 Mod Android

Come to Thien Quan, you will exclaim that it is great to experience the fierce battle of the position and extremely unique with the PVP antagonist system flaming fire on the 3D graphics extremely clear. Fighting on horseback, stepping on the battlefield with great posture and can not hide the stiffness between the fierce field.
You will be the main character in the story of the Three Kingdoms, battling Quan Van Truong, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and all the other famous generals. The war has been extremely hot ever, join now!

And in the battle, mobile players can change freely between sitcoms. It is known that the system of war is designed beautifully, can strengthen many levels and become stronger later. In addition, the transformation between walking and walking is tactical, because combat skills will bring about different effects between the two forms, while at the same time, the battle will protect the human core.main thing part.

In addition to the typical combat system, the game also has a system of recruiting supporters. The system of martial arts generals are built based on historical figures such as Trieu Van, Lu Bo, Thai Van Co ..., each general will have different abilities and combat roles such as attacking, close, tanker, support to arbitrary player coordination. Of course, the general can also level up, increase the power by equipment, raising the same as the protagonist.Cannon Dancer – PK role playing game on the first horse!

Update version:

- version: v3.6.4

- category: Action games

Mod feature:

HIT KILL (fixed, waiting for update)
The God Mode
No Skill Cooldown
ON / OFF Menu

Enjoy the installation guide

- delete this game on the machine if available

- install apk file

- enjoy the game

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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