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Metal Squad v1.7.8 Mod Android

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Version information

- version v1.7.8

- category 2d shooting

Mod feature

1. coins +

2.) bullets +

3.) bombs +

4.) hp +

5.) no ads

* guide.

Step 1. Delete this game on your computer if you have one.

Step 2. Download the Apk file

Step 3. game and enjoy.

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

The game is also very simple game design 3 control points in which a navigation button, a shot and finally a jump point at each level you will be helicopter to the point of duty and you. In the game there are many types of weapons you use such as AK 47, shoulder rockets, laser guns, grenades ... in the course of playing the guns will be. You collect after killing the terrorists
Metal Squad is a fascinating and addictive action-packed minigame that attracts gamers with beautiful bullets and thrilling encounters. And now how can you easily play it? Here, Lopte will guide you

- first visit the site
- Search the Metal Squad game download and unpack the game
If you have a computer then we should perform the above steps on the computer it will be faster and easier. Then you plug the cable and copy the apk file to your phone and install and play.
And to be clearer, you should watch the tutorial on lopte's youtube channel
* This Metal Squad is for any android device and does not need Root.

Steel Warrior is the best action shooter game today. You will be playing a special warrior with indispensable equipment when fighting, such as: rifle, bomb, knife and running skills. In the game, your mission is to infiltrate the enemy base to shoot down the snipers and eliminate all the dangerous enemies to rescue the "hostages" and protect the peace. You are the last hope of mankind, take up guns and fight right now.
Have a good time

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