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( Game Mod ) Pigeon Pop 1.2.0 Mod Android

The mod Pigeon Pop has to say is the hegemonic from the sound system to the character's activities, making it impossible for us to download Pigeon Pop to the computer today.

Download game Pigeon Pop, funny chicken knight game for android.

With Loc's Pigeon Pop mod, you'll be able to buy a wide variety of knights, knights, pigeons, penguins, snatchers.

With Loc's Pigeon Pop game you will have to download this extremely funny pigeon pop on your device today. There is a simple game that must say is laughing stomachache with Pigeon Pop when you control the chicken or pigeon do not matter, you just know it is birds and birds. How to play? Simply put, in the game your bird will fly around a corn (corn), a piece of watermelon or peas.

Is not it simple? But when you enter the game you find it funny to laugh stomach is always because of 2D graphics of Pigeon Pop very familiar. In part because the sound system of the game Extreme Bead to each grain of corn, not only that, your knight bird dance to make you laugh crazy head.

This fun tapping new game craze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as it dances and pops it’s way through the fruit. Avoid popping the bad things. You can also choose various birds such as parrots and peacocks. There are over 100 levels!

Your task is to touch your bird to shoot the bullet so it can eat corn or pieces of watermelon not broken. If you eat broken nuts you will lose.

General information:

- Version: 1.2.0

- Category: Tough to Play.

Mod feature:

- Mod money.

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK for installation;

- B3. Come play.

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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