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( Game Mod ) RamBoat 2: The metal soldier shooting game V1.07 Mod Android

Download Ramboat 2 The Metal Soldier Shooting mod to experience great things in the game.

Game Guide Ramboat 2 The Metal Soldier Shooting game full mod for android, game Rambo hacking drama mod for the phone.

With the full mod version of Ramboat 2 Metal Soldier Shooting you will have countless gold coins to upgrade the Mambo character to more powerful. Use gold coins to buy new powerful weapons to destroy enemies around you.

Ramboat 2 The Metal Soldier Shooting Game is a game based on the hit movie Rambo. Man in the film is re-enacted as a hero with a sniper talent called Mambo. This is a guy with a nice rounded appearance, however extremely stylish with brown hair clawed backwards and wrapped around a red towel wrapped around his head.

The graphics in the game are witty design, cartoon character cute, fire smoke effect is also very prominent. The sound in the game is mixed with the effect is very smooth

Makes Ramboat unstoppable! Craft and upgrade weapons and gears with gold you earn in each battle: pistol, machine gun, rifle, uzis, missile launcher. Shoot your best guns and kill enemy troops! Play Ramboat 2, the best shooting game, and help your friends to defeat armed enemies from head to toe, you will quickly face the most dangerous battles. Customize your war hero with the battle items you will find in the battlefield, pick your outfit and improve your fighting skills! Be a legendary metal soldier!

In Ramboat 2 The Metal Soldier Shooting, you will control the Mambo character against the paratroopers everywhere. Continuous shooting is the criterion of this game

General information:

- Version: 1.07

- Category: Shooting.

Mod feature:

- mod money;

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK for installation;

- B3. Come play.

Have a good time

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