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( Game Mod ) Tam Quốc Thủ Thành - Xích Bích 3D V2.3.02 Mod Android


--- Conqueror moves, reverses the game - Unmatched in the game td - tower defense, castle td

--- Chess keep the shape in the tower, fight real like role-playing game

--- 15 positions of defense, the ability to rotate the battle.

--- Comprehensive upgrade from traditional video game.

SLG strategy game is like RPG MMO

--- Skill 3D class, big city.

--- The original 3D map of the Three Kingdoms period. Vietnamese-Chinese dubbed as movie.

The Three Kingdoms is a trilogy of games with three-and-a-half hours of intense fighting, re-imagining the 3D battle system and the ultimate tactics in the history of the Three Kingdoms.

Between Red Cliff battle, carrying the heavenly realm - became the king of three, judging the fortune Wei - Thục - Ngo. Hang on Cao Cao, Long drag, Quan Van Truong, Trieu Van, La Bo, ... together rewrite the dream king.

If the Lord has fallen in love with the whole line of tricks in general, or especially the tower defense, surely Lord will not miss this unique game.

Coming back to the golden age of War, in the midst of the great battle of Red Cliff, alongside the saints of Cao Cao, Khong Minh, Trieu Tu Long, La Bo, Quan Van Truong, and hundreds of generals wrote his dream.


- Version: 2.3.02

- Category: tactics


- Menu on / off

- One Hit

- No CD Skill


- Uninstall the original on the machine if available

- Download the apk file on the machine and install

- Open the game and enjoy

Download Apk Mod 

Have a good time

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