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( Game Mod ) Transformers: Earth Wars v1.70.0.22589 Mod Android

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Version Info:

- version v1.70.0.22589

- genre of action

Mod feature:

- unlimited energy

* guide:

Step 1. Delete this game on your computer if you have one.

Step 2. Download the file below for installation

Enjoy the game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

If you have ever seen Transformer blockbuster movies can not ignore this game because of the character block in the shop terrible and we always want to explore the opportunity to own the most powerful character, game Requires a network to play online games and our android device does not need Root or anything but can download games on good play, you are looking for a new strategy category Transformers: Earth Wars will not You are disappointed that the rendered graphics are amazingly well-written, and with a quick guide on mobile you will find it great and impressive if you miss this game. Check out the video below for a look at how to play and guide.

Construct the Space Bridge to summon classic heroes Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Bumblebee through to infamous villains Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Forge colossal Combiners including Devastator, Superion, Predaking, Bruticus and Volcanicus, the new Dinobot Combiner.
Form alliances with fellow Autbots or Decepticons from around the world. Demonstrate your power by competing in multiplayer events and planning with fellow allies.
Each Transformers character is equipped with a unique ability. Change form to deploy stronger attacks and turn the tide of battle!
Have a good time

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