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Day R Premium V1.573 Mod Android

With the free Day R Premium mod for android, you can buy anything in the game even if it's sold for cash. The mod of Day R Premium mod for android will give you a completely new experience when you will not need to bother thinking when deciding to buy any item. Mod Day R Premium, where you'll be able to buy items and many new things, allowing you to experience the game easier than ever. Download Android Day R Premium mod now and always.
Day R Premium download free games for android.
Day R Premium mod for Android that Lopte and Loc bring you is survival role-playing game in the big world. This is a game that can be said is very "hot" in the present time.

The game has a graphical background that can not be simpler, you will be familiar with the graphics as it is very similar to the 2D games that were released decades ago. There are some people who do not like the graphics because of the fact that they are used to games with 3D graphics and the effect is overwhelming. However, it is not so that the game is less attractive because of the fact that this graphics will help you get familiar with the game very quickly, your machine will run faster and smoother because it does not have to deal with 3D images too much.
The Day R Premium Android platform takes place at a time when the world is approaching its apocalyptic future by a devastating nuclear war. Radiation, hunger and disease cover everywhere. Players must travel throughout the country to rescue their families. Who knows if they are alive or have been infected with radioactive and deadly viruses? Be brave forward, decipher this catastrophic secret, regain memories in the 1980s crossing the Soviet Union.

The amount of items you can collect in the game is also varied and rich, from furniture, chips, bottled water to canned food. In addition, you can use these items as materials to create a more useful item such as using rocks and wood to create an ax that helps to protect themselves better. .Your job is to wander through cities, lands, jungles to find resources and make it useful for your survival. The gameplay mechanics in real-time mode means that when your character moves or searches for something, the time in the game will quickly follow and your hunger and thirst will increase. all up Therefore, considering the actions in the game is very necessary because if you do not calculate carefully the amount of food and water you are carrying, you may die.
Surviving after disaster is not easy. The player faces a real battle of life and death, the fight against monsters, dead bodies, miscarriage, infidelity, injustice and blood thirst. Of course, in order to fight them, the player must make weapons, clothing, and moving vehicles from all the collected resources.

Game Information:

- Version: 1.573

- Category: role play, survival.

Mod feature:

- Free Shopping.

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Remove game if available;

- B2. Download APK and install;

- B3. Come play.

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