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( Game Mod ) Applock (AI) Artificial Intelligence on All Android Phones

Extremely fast startup time and self-learning mode, the accuracy and security of it is superior or superior to what you're used to, in the Top 2018 Best Android Applications app. The technology community in the world loves and uses the most.

AI technology is the artificial intelligence that big phone companies are researching and developing, AI is the artificial intelligence of self-learning as human beings bring it superior capabilities, today it is integrated into The low-to-high-end android face unlock app can be downloaded and installed, the best new app on Ch Play with many advanced features that give you more customization.

This application has the most advanced technology and functions like adding a lot of face to unlock or locking each application together with its strongest security mode will give you many customizations, it will be The best option for you is looking for a face unlock application like on the high-end phones like the iphone X or samsung are equipped today.

AppLock uses Device Manager permissions.
To enable Enhanced Protection, please enable AppLock as a "device administrator." It is only used to prevent the intruder from uninstalling AppLock. Rest assured that AppLock will never use this right to access your confidential data.

The application is currently available on CH Play, but it's just a normal version and has a lot of features and has a lot of annoying ads for users. Lopte will bring you the full version of Pro Vip and full functionality. put ads completely
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