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( Game Mod ) Astral Stairways v3.8.1 Mod Android

 Astral Stairways owns more than 1,100 unique characters created by talented artists. Not only that, the game introduces a unique strategy game in which each character with their own strength, abilities and fighting skills is always shining. More than anything, Astral Stairways brings gamers to the fray with 3v3 fierce battles,

The story is not very specific when compared to a normal RPG title, perfected by a series of heroic ability, always ready to protect the world from the invasion of the evil demons. However, unlike most RPGs.Astral Stairways compels you to rescue up to 800 worlds. With the help of the goddess Kala, gamers experience collecting a variety of characters and engaging in battle, destroying all the most vicious enemies. To

Astral Stairways 3rd Anniversary!
The 3rd-Anniversary Celebration Event has already begun!
Exclusive quests and events are waiting for you!
The all new Celestial Compass and daily missions bring about new challenges,
not to mention the rewards coming with them!
We appreciate your support! For this, lots of exclusive offers are made available!
Over 1300 unique followers drawn by our incredible illustrators are waiting for you!

Version Info:

- version: v3.8.1

- genre: immersive

Mod feature:

1. Mod Menu

2. God Mode

3. One Hit

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Delete this game on your computer if you have one.

Step 2: Download the file below for installation

Enjoy the game

Download Apk Mod
Have a good time

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