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( Game Mod ) Au Mobile v1.7.1122 Mod Android

The quick and easy tutorial will give you the best possible Au Mobile game experience when playing the most entertaining dance moves, a dance genre with new maps in the latest version with integrated Many of the latest remixes from overseas to vietnam give us the best play, the game is attractive when the characters are created or very nice when it is combined with many impressive wings and Each character and style will tell your personality and personality or attractive boys, in the game there is a chat room and you can also create your own room if you want. I dance the other half

With Au Mobile v1.7.1122 for non-root android devices that can play the best without having to do anything, the gameplay is also called varied and rich with jumps we choose. Choose from bubble jumps or slides depending on the difficulty level and the level or level you reach. Do your best and invite many friends to join together to see who will be the best dance player, with this you can achieve the highest score without doing anything, so it also reduced. Take it or leave it at your own pace but do not let your friends complain about it or you can say it's a jump and you have to do it. Load and set up the gas station at towering points without touching the screen. Because we will receive high gifts such as clothes or angel wings to level up dizzy. Interesting, do not get caught up in the music is exciting.
Cre: platin

With more than 7 million handsome and beautiful dancers, and a series of vibrant community activities, excellence and excellence will certainly make your youth more meaningful.
In particular, Au Dance City has now opened an 18+ area with interesting themes for the ages, besides a cute, cute, lovely 12 + area for both boyfriend and girlfriend.
Au Mobile- Audition mobile is the world of color music, the stage is monumental, is the fashionable dress, for the dancer.
With friends and loved ones become the idol of millions of youngsters with features Fam Idol, where players can freely shopping, mix the costume and so true fashion lodge on the red carpet light. Players will be the most fashionable Star. In particular, you can perform day-to-day tasks to collect luxury items for free.

Version Info:

- version: v1.7.0602

- music: genre

Mod feature:

Note: This only works in Balloon mode

- Menu mod

- turn on / off perfect

- turn off cool

- turn on / off good

- turn on / off bad

Installation Instructions:

- delete this game on the machine if available

- download the file to the world about the installation

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