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( Game Mod ) CrossFire Legend Mod android

This is a script in the Script, you just download the game on Chplay and run the script file is complete. The CrossFire Legend mod supports both root and non-root. You download the script file to explain under the link, then do FACT with the guidance of PUBG game offline, only the script file you use is the Script mod of CrossFire Legend. Good luck. Please download the trial version of the patch through this wall and then delete immediately to create fair in the game.

Mod Guide CrossFire Legend No root for android.
Asked too many of you should today decided to share the CrossFire Legend mod for everyone. Although not wanting but because the game is full of mods, so I will share this mod for you to brothers mod mod other. Ok. I also do not encourage you to use mods like this game!

The game is quite similar to the game of the same name of the developer VTC on the computer, the game is quite familiar to those who played the game is SENSITIVITY.
Not much talk about how to play anymore, but I will go straight to the problem with this mod as always.

Full range of modes: 5v5 PvP, PvE, multiplayer, training for solo, solo, melee, ambush, enemy base map, or even bombs ... Also, RANK will be more dramatic than ever.
4K resolution with frame up to 60 fps creates a beautiful graphical background to every detail. Easy manipulation also provides a great experience.
CrossFire Legend is a pretty hot game recently, not inferior to PUBG. Currently, CrossFire Legend is being welcomed by many Vietnamese gamers with the Vietnamese version.

Mod Feature:

- Through the wall

Installation Instructions:

Watch this video and do the same: Here

Link download:

- For ROOT machines:

    + Download mod file: Here

    + Guardian Root: Here

- For Machine Not Root:

    + Download mod file: Here

    + Guardian No Root: Here

    VirtualXposed: Here
Have a good time

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