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( Game Mod ) Real Drift Racing: Road Racer v1.0.0 Mod Android

New generation of car racing games 3d. Race and drift in a big city, zooming around curves and between lanes along with top racers! Join in this fantastic drag racing, get into your speed car and get the motor to go. Racing with different transport tools, feeling the best speed of racing! Drift, drag and crash the way, smash your way to collect the boosters, pick up special car model to change it, stay ahead of your friends! If you like turbo car racing game, Real Drift Racing : Road Racer is your best choice!

Customize Your Car
Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims just like a real car. Collect more gold coins to customize your car! Be the unique landscape in the city race!
G-sense: Tilt device to control direction. More convenient!
Touch control: Tap buttons to control direction. More classic!
In the MOD Shop, you will have three main parts of the car that you can modify. These parts include Wheels, Paint and Spoiler. Each of these modifications requires you to spend diamonds. You can earn the diamonds from the daily login bonus or by watching videos. In this road racer game, you are allowed to make upgrades to your car to improve its tops speed, acceleration, NOS speed and handling. Each upgrade will cost your coins. You can choose to maximize the upgrades for a car by spending diamonds as well.

In Real Drift Racing: Road Racer, you will start off by competing in the Amateur Challenge. You will have to earn stars in order to unlock other events like Urban Rivals, Club League, Professional Championship and Classic Master. These stars can be earned by winning races and beating your opponents. This road racer game offers you four different racing modes. These racing modes include Classic, 1V1, Elimination and Time Trial. In Classic mode, you get to race against six other cars on a track while in 1V1 your task is to beat the opponent in front of you. Elimination and Time Trial modes involve staying ahead of the racing pack and avoid elimination and racing against the clock while completing a lap of a circuit.

Update version:

- version: 1.0.0

- genre: racing game

Mod feature:

- mod money

Enjoy the installation guide:

- delete this game on the machine if available

- install apk file

- enjoy the game

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Have a good time

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