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( Game Mod ) Survival Evolved V1.0.83 Mod Android

With super 3D graphics and open world maps in ARK: Survival Evolved, your device must have 3GB of RAM or more. With such a configuration, limiting the gaming experience is inevitable. However, it is expected in the post-game update will be more optimal, and support the device has a lower configuration.
ARK: Survival Evolved for Android and iOS.
Dive into the ultimate mobile dino-adventure with ARK: Survival Evolved! A massive game world combines with 80+ unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for you to capture and tame - making for a survival experience bar-none. Meet up with other players and friends in this Jurassic-era world, to form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors.

You have to start getting used to step by step making weapons, hunting the smallest pets for food. The game has a variety of maps with different weather. On special maps, the original survival is even tougher. For example, weather maps are winter, new characters start cold and begin to lose strength. Therefore, new players should be encouraged to play in basic maps such as summer. In that, having to deal with the beasts in the night is more difficult than many times and with the endurance of the harsh weather in the game makes gae meet difficulties in the first game. All that makes the game itself more authentic than ever.
Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile lag games are driving the era of mobile gaming. Along with the undeniable hotness of open world games, mobile gaming on the PC is an indispensable trend for today's hit games. With a completely different style from PUBG, ARK Survival Evolve is becoming a well-received game from gamers.
The basic thing in Ark: Survival Evolved is how to survive. In the beginning, the player did not have to confront the other players. However, learning to survive in the game is the hardest problem. The game has two modes, Online and Offline. Online is where you have to learn how to survive, just fight with other players, the game will do more than it. With offline mode, you will be much more comfortable when only focus on the task of survival is the main.

Based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and consoles, ARK: Survival Evolved challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island, where you start out alone and unarmed. Gather resources and craft tools to build shelter and hunt. Expand your domain while capturing and taming dinosaurs to do your bidding. Make new friends online, form tribes, and build mighty structures to defend against man and mega-predators alike!
ARK: Survival Evolved is a huge open-source online game that is being released as a free-to-play game in the Asian market. In general, the game is no different from the PC version. . In ARK Survival Evolved, players will be able to explore the mystery and challenge the dinosaurs, including hunting, training, fighting them, and collecting raw materials. Other materials for making weapons, building houses, furniture ...

General information:
- Version: 1.0.83

- Category: Life;

- Link game download: CH Phay

Mod feature:

- full gems, ambers

- buy comfortably

Mod Tutorial:

B1 requires you to be rooted successfully

B2. Download Lucky Patcher application: HERE for installation

B3. Follow the video below

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