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Hey Soldier! The world is under attack and the enemy can be both human and zombie! You are the chosen person to save your territory by destroying as many creatures and humans as possible and regain your absolute freedom again!
The battlefield is calling you a tough mission. Get your gun and rifle, join this unique multiplayer online game in battles. But do not forget! You are in the middle of a shooting party when you accept this mission!

Feel Excitement With Modern Shooting Games As You Fight Against Attacks Against Enemies Depending on your shooting skills as this is the first and only shooting game in the fight against Real or zombie enemies. Not only by ballistic force, but also by your tactical skills.
Gunner! This is not just a modern war. You have to engage in activities, fight for your people to defend your territory by shooting others and killing to survive using your ammo. You are in a real battle with unacceptable critical ops and enjoy unstoppable action while killing others and walking.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho COUNTER ASSAULT – ONLINE FPS

Fight your teammates in this fast-paced online game application in the first place in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Cooldown, Healing, Zombie Infection and Zombie Survival Combat Mode with headshot, voice chat and weapons and advanced customization uniforms to choose from.
Death match

The world is in constant war and you have to kill others to survive. Each player competes with the maximum number of killers within a certain time limit.

Version Info:

- Version: v1.0

- Category: FPS Game

Mod Feature:

- Mod Unlocking

Installation Instructions :

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

- Download File Apk on Install

- Free Game

Link Download Apk Mod :
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