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FX-Racer Free v1.2.20 Mod Android

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Version Info:

- Version: v1.2.20

- Category: Racing

Mod Feature:

- Money Mod

Installation Instructions :

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

- Download File Apk on Install

- Free Game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

-Added The option to race strategy. In this menu you can select the map engine and transmission settings for each circuit.
Now you can select the type of tire you want to mount to make the PitStop (Super soft, soft, medium, hard, intermediate and Wet)
From now, weather is changing during the race and we have to adapt the strategy to the circumstances that arise during the race.

-The AI ​​has been improved in both output and during the race.
-Added Configuration of the suspension, brakes and set-up gearbox.
-The Control of the car selection can be made for each race.
-New More detailed HUD in which we show the type of tire fitted and wear, damage aerodynamics, fuel level, weather conditions, the state of the track and the selected configuration.
Have a good time

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