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Download Game PUBG Mobile v0.9.0 for Android & IOS Official

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+ Guide for Android: official table

Version Info v0.10.0

B1. Download the data file to extract and copy the data to the android / obb directory

B2. Download apk file for installation

Enjoy the game

Link Download :

APK: https://lopte.pro/qI8W

Data: https://lopte.pro/X1KVEyfr

+ Tutorial for IOS: English table - You go here: https://lopte.pro/oLH5QC download free games Download PUBG Mobile English table on Android and iOS fastest, to play this game we need to create a qq account to be able to log on, so today I will guide how to create offline Speaking of the hottest games today, we can not miss a super addictive addiction on PC, which is PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). And now you can download PUBG Mobile and experience this game completely on your mobile device when Tencent has released two PUBG mobile games. Now you can download games for PUBG Mobile handsets including Timi and Lightspeed and Quantum Studio experiences. However, due to lighter graphics and better looking than the "brother her, the Lightspeed version is still the most popular community. But it is worth mentioning that the language in PUBG Mobile is still Chinese, making it difficult for players to fine-tune their graphics and controls to suit their personal preferences. The game is the community of gamers find and Download about play a lot

PUBG Mobile is available in 2 versions. The first is a completely PUBG version on a PC, called PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield by Lightspeed and Quantum partnered with Tencent released. The second is the expanded PUBG, titled PUBG: Army Assault (Army Attack) by Timi Studio (Timi is Tencent's studio group)

In general, the two versions have similar gameplay, parachuting, picking, running, and trying to stay alive. In a battle that allows up to 100 players, it's no different than PUBG on PCs. But the first version has graphics, weapons as well as how to play will be the same on the PC and be appreciated by the player rather than the expansion. Download the latest version for android and ios PUBG Mobile to enjoy the best things that this game brings. PUBG Mobiile promises to surpass the title of "clones" in the shortest time. Lopte will guide how to download PUBG Mobile for the phone to enjoy and explore the game in the offline.
Have a good time

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