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Version Info:

- Version: v1.5.0

- Category: Shooting Games

Mod Feature:

- Money Mod

Installation Instructions :

- Delete This Game On The Machine If Yes

- Download File Apk on Install

- Free Game

Link Download :

Link Download Apk Mod :

"Super Hero Squad" is the first shooter (FPS) game of modern military theme, in the game you will play a trained special soldier, and perform against the "Syndicate" organization. mysterious terrorist global distribution. After infiltrating the enemy, destroying the terrorists of each area, step by step searching for useful clues, finally finding the operator behind the "Syndicate", once the action of destroying the terrorist group. , you are the hero of the guard of justice!

The "killer hero" on the mobile device experience the most immersive shooter FPS, making you feel the joy of shooting guns unparalleled. Whether you are a new shooter, or a proven martial artist, this game can make you enjoy the endless fun of the shooter. 16+ Scenes in global distribution, 30+ real-life combat simulators, 100+ challenging missions, multiplayer modes, and global online tournaments, that was all in place, waiting for you to fight! Fierce battlefield crisis, many sophisticated weapons, if you can go through the rain forest gun bullets, complete the challenge message, prop up to the end, You, the key is the killer!
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