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Epic Heroes War ver v1.9.5.275 Mod Android

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General information:

  - Name: Epic Heroes War

  - Version:

  - Category: Role-playing

Mod feature: Full gold coins

Installation Instructions:

  - B1. Delete games on the computer if any;

  - B2. Download the APK and install it;

  - B3. Enter play.

Link Apk : https://lopte.pro/2TGzI

Epic Heroes War is set in an ancient ancient world where the mighty power of the hero is quadrupled. Strength leads them to arrogance, which has led them to declare war against heaven. The high forces are angry and their response is the creation of the God of Destruction who has a rage pouring down on humanity. But soon when he realized his own power, he turned his face to the birth. How many angels must submit, how many gods are captured .. and the final choice of the supreme gods is to ask for help from mankind ...

   With Epic Heroes War, you can immerse yourself in a myriad of interesting items, from armor, weapons, shields, etc. to mysterious forms but extremely useful support indicators. A special point is that, with these items, you can absolutely decide to equip immediately or wait for a full time to accumulate, allowing you to combine into more powerful forms - help players feel the motivation to move forward to find more attractive values.
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