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Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.1 Mod Android

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General information:

- Version:

- Category: Sneaky.

Mod feature: Mod money.

Installation Instructions:

- B1. Delete games on the computer if any;

- B2. Download the APK to install;

- B4. Enter play.

link Apk : https://lopte.pro/7skNdA

 Following the service of the previous version, in Robbery Bob 2 mod full of money, your task is to break from building to building, from the house of chef Gordon Rancid to the city gemstone to rebuild the wedding for the boss's daughter if you don't want to go to bed with the fish permanently. Bob is a "not dangerous" thief, that is, being sneaky, sneaking around, he has no other skill but to flee quickly. Players must gently tiptoe step by step, hiding carefully and flashing the opportunity to gather and defection as quickly as possible.

   Each level is a really tricky puzzle that you have to solve. The sneaky surpassing dozens of security guards, dogs and security cameras without being detected requires players to make the most of the environment, circumstances and supplies around to bypass the screen. Fortunately, with a top-down perspective combined with a very convenient control system, you are fully qualified to move your character as you want while still grasping the situation around to make a decision. for the next step.
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